The paper egg tray dryer is an essential device for dehydrating the egg tray after it is formed. Since the egg tray is made by pulping, the egg tray will contain a lot of water after it is created, and a dryer is required for dehydration. The metal egg tray dryer also has a certain impact on the quality of the egg tray.

Undried egg tray
Undried Egg Tray

Introduction of egg tray drying method

Natural drying

Natural drying egg try
Natural Drying Egg Tray

Natural drying is the simplest drying method for egg tray drying. Generally, if the output is 1000-2000pc/h, natural drying can be used. When the temperature reaches 30-40 degrees Celsius, it can be dried in one day.

Brick kiln drying

Brick kiln dried egg tray
Brick Kiln Dried Egg Tray

When drying the brick kiln, build a brick kiln for drying. The efficiency of brick kiln drying is greater than that of natural drying. The site area of ​​brick kiln drying is 30 square meters, and the working efficiency of brick kiln drying is relatively high, which is suitable for medium-sized production.

egg tray drying machine

Paper egg tray drying
Paper Egg Tray Dryer

The egg tray drying machine is suitable for the egg tray production line with large output. The egg tray dryer takes about 30 minutes to dry a batch of egg trays, and the efficiency is relatively high. In addition, the metal dryer can save 30% compared with the brick kiln dryer. fuel.

The heat source for the paper egg tray dryer

Egg tray drying
Egg Tray Drying

The egg tray drying machine can use natural gas, diesel, gasoline, biomass pellets, or heat transfer oil as the heat source, and the heating temperature is 180-220°C. Using the fan to extract the evaporated water from the product, the egg tray can be quickly dried. It is very important to be able to control the temperature in the egg tray machine. Since the egg tray is a paper product, if the internal temperature of the machine is too high, it is easy to ignite the egg tray, and if it is too low, the drying efficiency of the egg tray will be reduced.

The dryer has a single-layer drying line and a multi-layer drying line

Egg tray drying machine
Paper Egg Tray Dryer

There are two kinds of egg tray machines, single-layer egg tray machines, and multi-layer egg tray machines. The working efficiency of single-layer egg tray machines and multi-layer egg tray machines is basically the same. The area is 40 meters, and the area usage of the multi-story multi-tower machine is 15 meters, which is very important for customers with smaller plant areas.

Egg tray dryer parameters

moldoutputpaper consumptionwater consumptionenergy usedworker number
Egg tray dryer parameters

Advantages of paper egg tray dryer

Use the egg tray after drying
Use The Egg Tray After Drying
  • 30% less fuel than a brick house
  • The temperature is controllable to ensure the quality of the egg trays in the dryer, and the egg trays are gelatinized because they are too high.
  • The multi-layer egg tray machine occupies a small area and saves space
  • The paper egg tray dryer is fully automatic production, saving workers