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Shuliy Company is an egg tray machine company. We have a complete egg tray production line. The main machines include egg tray machines, egg carton machines, fruit trays, and packaging boxes. Not only are there various machines, but also customized molds can be made according to your requirements. Packaging boxes for a variety of products can be produced.

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product line

Shuliy company has complete egg tray production equipment, can produce egg trays, egg boxes can also produce packaging boxes of other products

Egg Carton Production Line | Egg Carton Machine >

Our egg cartion production line offers a seamless process from pulp molding to drying and packing. Only 3-4 workers are needed.

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Automatic paper egg tray production line >

The automatic egg tray production line is a device used to produce egg trays. The egg tray machine uses waste paper to make egg trays, which is a very environmentally friendly product.

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Hot product

Here are some of the most popular egg tray machines

Egg tray carton hot pressing machine >

An egg tray hot pressing machine is a machine for smoothing the surface of egg trays and egg trays, and for deep processing of egg trays.

Egg tray pulper | paper shredder machine >

The egg tray pulper, also known as a paper shredder machine, is a device used to crush and make pulp from waste

Paper egg tray dryer | egg tray drying machine >

Paper egg tray dryer is suitable for the egg tray production line with large output. Our egg tray drying machine takes about 30min to dry a batch of egg trays

1500pcs/h egg tray forming machine | egg tray molding machine >

This machine is a 1500pc/h egg tray forming machine. When purchasing, you can choose according to the egg tray output you want to add functions. We have 1000pc/h-5000pc/h machines

Apple tray making machine | paper fruit tray machine  >

The apple tray machine is a machine used to produce a fruit packing tray, and can also produce other fruit trays, such as kiwi fruit, persimmons, and other fruits that are easily crushed.

1000pc/H Semi Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine >

The egg tray-making machine is a machine used to produce egg trays. This machine can use waste paper products to be processed into egg trays.

Why do egg tray business?


Egg tray products are in high demand

The egg tray is a consumable product. Every chicken farm needs to use a lot of egg trays, and eggs must be protected with egg trays during transportation in the transport box.


Egg tray products have low cost

The raw materials of egg trays are paper products, which can use waste newspapers, waste cartons, and waste books


Egg tray production process is simple

The processing process of the egg tray is simple, and it only takes 4-5 people to produce the whole process.

egg tray manufacturing plant

What products can be processed by our machine?

Our machines can not only produce egg trays but also process fruit trays, nursery trays, and other paper packaging boxes

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Successful cases

Egg tray machines are shipped all over the world and are popular


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