The egg carton production line is a device for making egg packaging boxes. Egg carton production is processed by using waste paper. After simple processing, egg carton products can be obtained, and the production efficiency is very high. There are two kinds of egg trays and egg boxes usually used for packaging eggs. Egg boxes are more sturdy when used for egg packaging, and have functions such as preservation and odor when placed inside the refrigerator, so egg boxes are often used in supermarkets. and egg processing plants.

Egg carton machine factory
egg carton machine factory

Raw materials for egg carton production line

Egg carton production can use corrugated cardboard boxes, waste quality, waste books, and other paper products, mainly using some recycled paper resources, crushing and pulping, and then using an egg tray forming machine to form egg boxes, and then need to be dried. Because the raw material cost of egg carton production is low, the profit of egg cartons is high, which is the reason why many people produce egg cartons.

How are egg cartons of different colors produced?

We will see egg boxes of other colors in supermarkets or other places, not only white but how are the colorful egg boxes produced? In fact, during the production process of egg boxes, there is a very important pulping process. Additives can be added during the pulping process to produce egg cartons of different colors.

How to produce egg boxes of different sizes?

Egg cartons
Egg Cartons

The size and size of the egg carton are different for each manufacturer. Some require six eggs per carton, and some require 12 eggs per carton or 18 eggs per carton. So how does the egg carton machine produce egg boxes of different specifications? It is determined by the mold design of the machine. Therefore, the egg tray machine has various functions and can produce different types of egg trays and products.

Egg carton production line parameter

modelcapacitypaper consumptionWater Consumptionenergy usedworker
egg carton production line

Egg carton production line process

Egg carton production line
Egg Carton Production Line

The process of egg carton production and egg tray production is the same, and they all need to go through the steps of pulping → egg carton forming → egg carton drying → egg carton secondary processing (optional) → egg carton packaging.

How to dry egg cartons?

Egg carton drying can use natural drying, which is suitable for small-volume production, or you can build your own brick kiln for drying, which requires sufficient space. Alternatively, you can choose a multi-layer dryer, which is efficient and space-saving. The dried fuel can be selected in various ways such as gas or fuel oil. Compared with brick kiln drying, the biggest advantage of a machine dryer is fuel saving, about 30% energy saving.

What is the difference between egg carton and egg tray production?

There are two kinds of packaging methods for our common eggs, one is an egg tray and the other is an egg carton. What is the difference between the production methods of these two products? The production raw materials and production process of egg trays and egg boxes are the same. The only difference in production is that the molds of egg tray forming machines for egg trays and egg boxes are different. Our molds can be customized according to customer needs. In this way, customers are more diversified in production and more competitive in sales.

Customer case about egg carton production line

Egg carton machine delivery
Egg Carton Machine Delivery

There is a customer of a chicken farm in Cameroon who specifically wants an egg box machine production line. The customer has a chicken farm and wants to expand his business, so he chooses to process egg boxes, not only to meet the needs of his own chicken farm egg boxes but can also to be sold externally.

The customer ordered an egg carton production line, including a pulper, an egg carton former, a hydroforming machine, and a baler. After the machine was shipped to Cameroon, he was in full control of egg tray production within a week of production. Because before the purchase, we will send the production-related information of the egg tray to the customer, and the professional salesman will explain the use and structure of the machine. So customers can quickly produce egg cartons.