The egg industry is a vital part of the Italian economy. In 2023, Italy produced over 13 billion eggs, making it the 7th largest egg producer in the European Union. To meet the demand for eggs, Italian egg farmers need reliable and efficient egg tray making machines.

Shipment picture
shipment picture

Introduction of Shuliy Egg Tray Machinery

Shuliy Egg Tray Machinery is a leading manufacturer of egg tray making machines in China. We have been in business for over 20 years and have exported our machines to over 100 countries.

In October 2023, we were pleased to sell a new egg tray making machine to a customer in Italy. The customer, a large egg farm with over 100,000 hens, was looking for a machine that could produce high-quality egg trays at a low cost.

The SL-3*1 Egg Tray Making Machine

The SL-3*1 egg tray making machine is a fully automatic machine that can produce 1000-1500 egg trays per hour. The machine uses waste paper as raw material, which is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

The machine is also very easy to operate. The customer in Italy was able to start using the machine immediately after it was installed.

Egg crate making machine
egg crate making machine

Excellent After-Sales Service

Shuliy Egg Tray Machinery is committed to providing excellent after-sales service. We offer a one-year warranty on all of our machines and we have a team of experienced engineers who are available to help customers with any problems they may have.

The customer in Italy was very impressed with our after-sales service. He said that our engineers were very helpful and that they were able to quickly resolve any problems he had.

The SL-3*1 egg tray making machine is a high-quality, efficient, and easy-to-use machine that is ideal for egg farmers of all sizes. If you are looking for an egg tray making machine, we encourage you to contact Shuliy Egg Tray Machinery.