Egg tray making equipment

Egg Tray Making Machine Sold to Italy

In October 2023, we were pleased to sell a new egg tray making machine to a customer in Italy.

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Fully automatic egg tray production machine

Egg Tray Making Machine Shipped to the Philippines

In June 2023, a customer from the Philippines ordered a 3500pcs/h output egg tray making machine model SL-4*4 from our company. Customer background As an active entrepreneur in the egg....

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Visit the shuliy egg tray factory

Welcome customers from Chad to visit the Shuliy egg tray factory

A customer from Chad came to visit the egg tray factory in China. Our business manager Tina accompanied the customer to visit the factory and conducted a production trial. Finally,....

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Paper pulp egg tray making machine

Cameroon customers bought egg tray processing machines three times

An egg tray processing machine is a machine that uses waste paper to make egg trays. A Cameroonian customer bought our egg tray machines three times. And start a business....

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Egg carton machine

Egg carton production line shipped to Sudan

We have just exported the egg carton production line to Sudan. The egg carton is one of the packaging methods for eggs,

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Egg tray machine

Automatic egg tray machine sold to Mozambique

The automatic egg tray machine is professional equipment for producing egg trays. A customer in Mozambique contacted us and said he wanted to know about the egg tray machine.

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Egg tray production equipment

Cameroonian customers purchased egg tray production equipment twice

The egg tray machine arrived at the port in Cameroon in August, and the customer picked up the goods randomly.

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Egg tray production line

1000pc/h egg tray machine exported to Cameroon

We exported an egg tray production line to Cameroon, including pulping machine, egg tray machine, and baler,

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