Shuliy Company is a manufacturer with 20 years of experience in egg trays. At present, it has formed a certain scale in the egg tray industry. Shuliy factory has been committed to the innovation of egg tray machines in recent years, providing more consumers. Better service. For example, now there are not only egg tray production machines, but also paper products such as apple trays and wine trays.

Shuliy company
Shuliy Company

What egg tray equipment do we have?

Egg tray equipment
egg tray equipment

Shuliy currently has complete egg tray production line equipment and egg carton production line equipment. The output of egg tray can be 1000pc/h-8000pc/h. Egg tray production includes egg tray pulping, egg tray forming, egg tray drying, and egg tray production. Steps such as tray packaging, if you want to start an egg tray factory, you only need 4-5 workers to produce egg trays

What conditions are good for you to produce egg trays?

Egg trays
egg trays
  1. If there are a lot of paper resources around. If there is a lot of waste paper in your location, then you can use this waste paper to recycle and process egg trays

2. If there are many chicken farms around. Egg trays are mainly sold to some chicken farms, and there are chicken factories around you to get fixed egg tray orders

3. If the government restricts polluting industries. If your country has restrictions on polluting industries and you are looking for a suitable project, then egg tray production is a good choice, and there is no environmental pollution in the whole process of egg tray production.

our service

Egg tray certificate
Egg Tray Certificate
  • Provide egg tray production video. Many customers are not familiar with egg tray production, we can provide detailed information to help understand the egg tray industry
  • Egg tray machine test machine After the egg tray machine production is completed, you can test the performance of the machine and send the video
  • Help build the factory Shuliy has professional designers who can provide the design drawings of the egg tray factory
  • Help customers make budgets According to the customer’s egg tray output, the budget for developing new industries can be calculated, which is convenient for customers to plan their business.