In June 2023, a customer from the Philippines ordered a 3500pcs/h output egg tray making machine model SL-4*4 from our company.

Customer background

As an active entrepreneur in the egg tray industry, this Philippine customer realized the close connection between market demand and production. After market research and comparison with different suppliers, he decided to choose our egg tray making machine, knowing the excellent reputation of our machines and their success stories in other regions.

Philippine customers
philippine customers

Production capacity of egg tray making machine

The reason why this customer is so fascinated by the SL-4*4 model is its high production capacity. This egg carton manufacturing machine can reach a production rate of 3,500 egg trays per hour. For this customer, high efficiency and productivity mean faster production cycles and greater sales opportunities. This machine is not just a simple production machine, it is the engine of his business.

Technical parameters of the machine

The parameters and performance of the machine were also one of the key factors in his choice. According to the technical parameters provided by us, the SL-4*4 model of egg tray making machine has an excellent energy utilization rate, consuming only 78kw/h of electricity per hour. This is in line with the customer’s demand for environmental protection and energy saving, as well as his company’s philosophy of sustainable development.

Egg carton making
egg carton making

Not only that, but the machine’s paper and water consumption were also taken into account. With a paper consumption of 280kg per hour and a water consumption of 560kg per hour, the customer was satisfied that it met his company’s cost control and resource utilization criteria. He saw that the machine not only improved productivity, but also made savings in cost and resource utilization, which was exactly what he was looking for.

Efficient egg tray machine meets customer’s needs

After this Philippine customer received our machine, he was very satisfied with the working effect of the machine. This SL-4*4 model egg carton manufacturing machine perfectly met his expectations with its high efficiency, stability, and reliability. The machine was put into production within a very short period, which made him feel very satisfied. This affirmation and satisfaction also further strengthened his trust in our company’s products and services, which will have a positive impact on his future business development.

This Philippine customer chose our SL-4*4 egg tray making machine based on his need for efficient production, stability, and reliability. The parameters and performance of the machine perfectly fit the size and objectives of his business, giving him the confidence and motivation to develop his egg tray manufacturing business better. If are you looking for an efficient egg tray machine or egg tray production line, feel free to contact us.