The automatic egg tray machine is professional equipment for producing egg trays. A customer in Mozambique contacted us and said he wanted to know about the egg tray machine. After a week of discussion, we completed the cooperation of the egg tray machine. Since the customer is new to the production of egg trays, we have given the customer detailed production information.

Mozambique automatic egg tray machine customer introduction

Paper product
Paper Product

The Mozambican customer is producing egg trays for the first time, so we first sent the video and flow chart of egg tray production, and then spent two days discussing the details of the equipment work. Mozambique customers are young people in their thirties, and the process of learning and receiving knowledge is also very fast. We sometimes communicate over the phone with simple questions. Therefore, the progress of the whole cooperation is also relatively fast. The details of the cooperation were confirmed within a week.

Good news for Mozambican egg tray machine customers

Orange paper tray
Orange Paper Tray

The Mozambican automatic egg tray machine customer sent a message when he was about to sign the contract, saying that he had learned about a fruit tray on the Internet and he needed to make an orange fruit tray. The good news is that our egg tray machine can realize the function of lychee tray production. However, the molds that are rich in lychee trays are different from the molds used to produce egg trays. The customer needs to buy two sets of production molds. The customer said that he was very happy to hear this. information.

What services are provided?

Automatic egg tray machine
Egg Tray Delivery
  • Provide factory design drawings. We have specialized egg tray production technicians who can provide drawings for egg tray equipment placement and factory site construction.
  • Provide detailed product information on the multi-egg tray machine. There are many customers who are contacting the production of egg trays for the first time. Therefore, we will provide more comprehensive egg tray production materials.
  • Video of automatic egg tray machine delivery and production process. We will even send the machine production and transportation information to the customer so that the customer can arrange a suitable time to pick up the goods.