We have just exported the egg carton production line to Sudan. The egg carton is one of the packaging methods for eggs, and it is even more beautiful than egg trays. We have shipped all the machines ordered by customers in August, and have filmed the video and Sent an email to inform customers.

Sudan egg carton production line customer introduction

Egg carton making
Egg Carton Making

Sudanese customers contacted us through our website, indicating that they are not producing ordinary egg trays, but want to produce egg boxes, and saw the article on our egg box production line. The customer is a recycling company, and the company’s paper resources are compared There are many, so they can be processed and used. The production of egg boxes is mainly to uses waste paper for processing and utilization

Why do Sudanese egg carton production line customers choose us?

Egg carton making machine
Egg Carton-Making Machine
  1. All kinds of machines. We have egg tray production equipment, as well as egg carton lines, in addition, we can use replacement molds to produce fruit trays, and other paper products

2. Good service attitude. Each customer will be equipped with a professional egg tray production technician to answer questions about egg tray products.

3. Details provided. will send a detailed egg carton production process and some egg carton production tips

4. Price is reasonable, and the customer will be equipped with the best egg carton line.