We exported an egg tray production line to Cameroon, including pulping machine, egg tray machine, and baler, the customer purchased a small egg tray making machine of 1000pc/h, our company has 1000pc/h-8000pc/h, different types of production lines, customers You can choose the right machine according to your own production conditions.

Egg tray machine mold
Egg Tray Machine Mold

Cameroon egg tray machine customer introduction

Egg tray machine
Egg Tray Machine

The Cameroonian egg carton-making machine customer is a poultry farm owner and has his own chicken farm. Now he wants a small egg tray production line to make egg trays. After we understand the needs of the Cameroonian customers, we will immediately introduce the eggs with the corresponding output to the customer. The production process of tray machine and egg tray. The customer has an understanding of the production of egg trays. So we quickly got to the point of nailing down the details of the machine.

What egg tray machine problems have you solved for egg tray production line customers?

Egg tray
Egg Tray

Since the voltage settings of each country and region are different, we will first determine the voltage requirements of the machine with the customer. The Cameroon egg tray molding machine customer uses 380v, 50hz, and 3phase locally. The shape of the Egg Tray The customer wants to produce an egg tray-making machine with 30 holes. The size is 30*30cm, and the size of each hole is 5cm, we can customize the machine according to the customer’s requirements.

Difficulties encountered when working with Cameroonian customers

Egg tray baler
Egg Tray Baler

The customer usually speaks French, but not much English, but can communicate easily because many details of the machine need to be very clear, especially the size of the egg tray. But it is very simple for us to solve this problem. The customer’s farm has a ready-made egg tray, and then the customer sends a picture and marks the clear size on the picture.

Cameroon egg tray customer shopping list

Egg tray machine delivery
Egg Tray Machine Delivery

The customer purchased three stand-alone machines to form a production line. Since the customer produces egg trays with small output, the drying can be carried out naturally. So the customer purchased a pulping machine, an egg tray forming machine, and a baler. At first, the customer didn’t want a baler, but after watching our video, I found that the function of the baler was better and the price was not high, so I added an egg tray baler later.