An egg tray processing machine is a machine that uses waste paper to make egg trays. A Cameroonian customer bought our egg tray machines three times. And start a business successfully.

Cameroon customers how to get in touch with us

Egg tray
Egg Tray

We have a dedicated egg tray machine YouTube channel. The customer officially saw our egg tray machine production video, so they contacted us. Contact information is placed below our videos.

egg tray machine

How long does it take for Cameroon customers to receive the egg tray machine?

Egg tray machine
Egg Tray Machine

After receiving the customer’s deposit, we will start production. It is estimated that the production will be completed in 20 days, but the actual production of the machine will be completed in 12 days. Then the shipping time by sea is 40 days. So the customer received the egg tray machine after 52 days.

Why do Cameroon customers buy our egg tray processing machines three times?

Egg tray processing machines
Egg Tray Processing Machines

Why did Cameroon customers buy our egg tray processing machines three times? Because the customer is in the stage of starting a business, he started small-scale production after purchasing the egg tray machine for the first time, and then a year later, through a year of accumulation, he had funds in hand. So I bought our egg tray processing machines twice in succession.

Cameroon customers buy the model egg tray processing machines

Egg tray mold
Egg Tray Mold

First of all, we need to confirm the size of the egg tray mold. After negotiation, the size ordered by the customer is 29.5*29.5mm and the egg hole is 48mm. The whole weight of the egg tray processing machines is 3 tons, the floor area is about 100 square meters, and the output of the machine is 1500- 2000 pcs/hour.