In September 2023, a customer from the United Kingdom placed an order for a new egg tray production line from our company. The customer, who wished to remain anonymous, had a chicken farm in Zambia and needed to produce 1,500 egg trays per week. This was the customer’s first time in the egg tray production business.

Shipment picture
shipment picture

Our sales representative, Helen, provided the customer with a detailed quote that included shipping costs. The customer was initially hesitant to trust us, so Helen sent the customer photos of other international customers visiting our factory, as well as company certificates, machine production videos, and installation case studies from other countries to demonstrate our professionalism.

After a month of communication, the customer placed an order with us. The egg tray production line was shipped to Zambia in October 2023.

The egg tray production line consisted of the following equipment

Hydraulic pulper machine
hydraulic pulper machine

Detailed parameters of the egg tray production line

Molding machineDescriptionSpecificationQuantityPower
Egg carton making machineSL-1-3Template size:1250*400mmMould number: 3Rotating surface:1Operate speed:3-6 time/min 1 set3kw
MoldsForming mouldMaterial: Plastic3 pcs 
Transferring mouldMaterial: Plastic3 pcs
Butterfly valveDS1001 pc 
Electromagnetic valve2w-200-20220v 50Hz2 pcs 
Two position five way2636000220v  50Hz2 pcs 
Proximity switchLJ18A3-8-J/EZ 90-250vac  50Hz4 pcs 
Globe valveDN-251 pc 
DN-321 pc
Steel wire pipeSp-121.7m 
Rubber hose1.3m2.4cm 
Control cabinetZT-01321 
Air compressorAir compressorSize: 1.1m×0.6m×0.9mAir pressure: 0.8mpaLink Pipe: Φ16   7mExhaust volume: 1m³1 pc7.5kw
High-pressure pipeZT-0.6Y19m 
Vacuum systemVacuum pumpPressure: -0.06mpa1set11kw
Angular beltingB23883 pcs
Outlet1.2m1 pc
Vacuum pipeZT-901.5m 
Mold cleaning machineQL-380Size: 0.75×0.44×0.461 pc 
Hydraulic pulper Hydraulic pulperSize: 1.6m×1.4m×1.55mCapacity: 1m³Material: carbon steelWall thickness: 4mmBottom of the screen: 5mm aperture, 8mm thickness1 set of drive belt1 set of valves1set7.5kw
Angular beltingB-23883 pcs 
 Butterfly valveDS-1001 
Pulp pump slurry pumpWQK25-10Size: 0.7m×0.25m×0.25m13kw
Pipe for slurryZT-754m 
Pulp pond beater380V50HZ1 pc3KW
Sewage pumpSize: 0.38m×0.24m×0.24mMaterial: carbon steelPipe: 8m ZT-501 pc0.75kw

The egg tray manufacturing line was installed and commissioned by our team in November 2023. The customer was very pleased with the results. The line was able to produce the required 1,500 egg trays per week without any problems.

Egg tray production line
egg tray production line

The customer was also impressed with our customer service. We were always available to answer the customer’s questions and provide assistance. We also provided the customer with training on how to operate the egg carton production line.

This case study demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with high-quality egg carton production lines and excellent customer service. We are proud to have helped this customer start their new egg tray production business.