The 2500 pc/h chicken egg tray machine is a machine for the production of egg trays. The production of egg trays mainly uses waste paper, such as waste newspapers, waste cartons, etc.

Chicken egg tray machine parameters

Egg tray machine
Egg Tray Machine

There are many kinds of egg tray machines in our company. The main difference is the output of egg trays. The minimum output is 1000pc/h, and the maximum output is 5000pc/h. However, the production of large-volume egg trays generally requires a higher degree of automation, such as The drying of egg trays requiring the use of machines to improve production efficiency, and the collection of egg trays also uses automatic collectors.

ModelCapacityWater paperWater consumptionElectricity consumptionWorker
2500 pcs/h chicken egg tray machine

Chicken egg tray machine applicable industries

Poultry breeding, animal husbandry, agriculture, carton production, printing, and paper-making can all produce egg trays; the egg trays produced can be used for chicken breeding factories, but more can be sold for profit.

egg tray production

How to do egg tray production?

Egg tray production includes four steps, pulping (paper crushing)→forming→drying (divided into natural drying, machine drying, and brick kiln drying)→packing

Egg tray size

Egg tray machine mold
Egg Tray Machine Mold

The size of the egg tray can be customized. When we produce the machine, we will count these dimensions with the customer, and make the machine according to the needs of the egg tray manufacturer. The size of each egg hole and the number of egg holes can be customized.

Why the egg tray business is popular?

1. The raw materials are simple and easy to obtain. Some producers have a lot of waste paper lying around that goes to waste if not utilized.
2. Low cost. The biggest cost of producing egg trays is the investment in equipment and workshops, but this is a one-time investment
3. The wind direction is low. Compared with other industries, egg tray production is an industry with low production risk.

Shuliy company introduction

Shuli Company can not only produce egg tray machines but also egg boxes, shoe boxes, apple trays, and other machines, mainly through the production of paper packaging boxes. If you have needs in this regard, you can consult us.

Chicken egg tray machine successfully operated in Cameroon

Our 3000pc/h egg tray machine has been successfully operated in Cameroon. The installation of the machine is relatively simple. We can arrange for technicians to install it locally, but the customer in Cameroon is also an engineer, so we know the customer’s installation through an online video, and we also provide a site certificate design diagram.