A paper pulp egg tray machine is equipment that uses pulp to produce paper egg trays. Egg trays are a common packaging material used to protect the transportation and storage of fragile products such as eggs. The pulp egg tray machine is easy to produce, highly profitable, and environmentally friendly. So many chicken farms, waste paper recyclers, and investors started egg tray production projects. There are many models of egg tray machines, this one is a 3000pcs/h egg tray machine.

Egg tray machine factory
egg tray machine factory

Machine types of egg tray machines

Egg tray production
egg tray production

Egg tray machines are divided into automatic egg tray machines and semi-automatic egg tray machines. The egg tray machines in our factory are fully automatic egg tray machines. The difference between the two egg tray machines is as follows.

Semi-automatic egg tray machine

A semi-automatic egg tray machine is a small model machine for making egg trays, also known as a semi-automatic paper egg tray forming machine. The semi-automatic egg tray machine needs to manually place the egg tray mold in the machine, and then start the machine for production. Compared with the fully automatic egg tray machine, the production process of the semi-automatic egg tray machine requires a certain degree of manual operation.

Automatic paper pulp egg tray machine

Automatic paper pulp egg tray machine

Compared with the semi-automatic egg tray machine, the production process of the automatic egg tray machine is more automated and efficient, without manual operation, and suitable for large-scale production. The whole egg tray production needs 4 people to complete.

Fully automatic egg tray production process

Egg tray production process
egg tray production process

1. Pulp conditioning: put the waste paper into the pulp conditioning machine, add an appropriate amount of water to mix, and stir.

2. Pulp conveying: The mixed pulp is conveyed to the pulp machine through the pulp conveyor.

3. Pulping: Stir and adjust the pulp in the pulper to make the pulp reach a suitable concentration for forming.

4. Forming: The pulped pulp is shaped by a forming machine to form the shape of an egg tray.

5. Pressing water: press the formed egg tray with water to remove excess water.

6. Drying: Place the pressed egg tray in a dryer to dry it completely.

7. Automatic packaging: the dried egg trays are packaged by an automatic packaging machine, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

3000pcs/h paper pulp egg tray machine parameters

modeloutputpowerworkerpaper consumption /hwater consumption /hdrying method
4*43000pcs/h45kw4240kg480kgBrick kiln drying or metal dryer
paper pulp egg tray machine parameters

3000pcs/h paper pulp egg tray machine features

  1. Efficient production: The production speed of 3000pcs/h can meet the needs of large-scale production, and it is the choice favored by many egg tray producers.
  2. High stability: The machine has been tested many times and tested by customers, which proves that the machine is very stable and has a long service life.
  3. Simple and easy to operate: the paper pulp egg tray machine is easy to operate, and the operation of the egg tray machine is very simple. You can understand the operation of the machine through videos and instructions.
  4. Environmental protection and energy saving: the paper pulp egg tray machine uses pulp as raw material, and no chemical substances are added in the production process, which is in line with the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Application field of egg tray machine

  • Egg Production Industry: Egg trays are an important packaging material to protect eggs, so the egg production industry is the main market for egg trays. The egg production industry is trending favorably with the increasing global population and increasing demand for high-quality eggs, which will further drive the demand for egg trays.
  • Food processing industry: Egg trays can not only be used for the packaging of eggs and other foods but also can be used for the packaging of other foods, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. As people’s requirements for food safety and hygiene are getting higher and higher, the demand for egg trays in the food processing industry is also increasing.
Paper fruits tray machine
paper fruits tray machine
  • Transportation industry: By changing the mold, the egg tray machine can be used as the packaging of many precision instruments and as the packaging box for fixed products
Fragile packaging tray production machine
Fragile packaging tray production machine
  • Agricultural production industry: Seedling trays are generally made of degradable paper materials, and paper seedling trays can be produced by egg tray machines.

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