The egg tray production line is the equipment used to make egg trays. Egg trays are indispensable machines for egg transportation and packaging. Egg trays are generally made of waste paper, which is not only moderately soft and hard but also can play a role in the transportation process. Cushioning effect, and also has a certain support force.

Egg tray
egg tray

What machines are included in the egg tray production line?

Egg tray production line pulping system

Egg tray production line pulping system
Egg tray production line pulping system

The pulping part is an indispensable link in the pulp molding production process. We can mix old newspapers, magazines, cartons, and other waste paper into a certain concentration of pulp for molding. The main equipment of the pulp system is a hydraulic pulper, vibrating screen, concentration controller, agitator, automatic adding pulping system, pulp pump, water pump, control cabinet, pulp barrel, water barrel, etc. According to the different requirements for the quality of the finished product, the thick pulp and refining equipment such as pressure screen and refiner can be appropriately selected.

Egg tray making forming system

Egg tray-making machine
Egg tray making machine

The slurry is uniformly attached to the special molding die by vacuum action to form a wet blank product, and then transferred to a drying system or natural drying method.

Egg carton production drying system

Egg tray drying machine
Egg Tray Drying Machine

Pulp products generally contain high moisture after pulping and molding, and need to be dried to remove moisture from the products.

Brick kiln drying: The brick kiln drying line has the characteristics of a novel structure, reasonable design, low one-time investment, high thermal efficiency, long service life, easy maintenance, and safe use. And according to the user’s local fuel situation, it can be designed to use steam, heat transfer oil, natural gas, gas, anthracite, low-bituminous coal, firewood, bark, bamboo scraps, etc. as fuel.

Metal drying: The drying production line uses fuel (gas), electricity, or steam (heat-conducting oil) as a heat source to heat the air, dry the molded pulp products in hot air (180~220℃), and use a fan to extract them. The water evaporated from the product achieves the effect of rapid drying.

Natural drying: Natural drying is favored by small-scale production customers because there is no cost input for any heat source, but due to weather and climate factors, a larger drying area is required. You can buy some shelves to dry and save space

Egg tray line hot Press Shaping

Egg tray hotpress shaping
egg tray hotpress shaping

After the egg tray production line is formed and dried, it is basically shaped, and the finished egg tray can be stored manually after being sorted or packaged.