An egg tray packing machine is a tool for packing egg trays, the whole egg tray production includes an egg tray pulper, forming machine, dryer, heat press, and baler. The egg tray processed by the baler is tight and firm, not scattered, and can be directly handled during transportation. Our egg tray equipment has been sold to Sudan, the Philippines, Malaysia, the UK, Australia, and other countries.

The function of the egg tray baler

Function of the egg tray baler
Tegg Tray Packing Machine Function

The egg tray is very fluffy after drying, which is not conducive to storage and transportation. The egg tray baler can press the gap between the egg trays to a minimum. In this way, even if a heavy object is pressed on the egg tray during transportation, the shape of the egg tray will not be damaged.

Egg tray packing machine parameters

Egg tray baler
Egg Tray Packing Machine

Power source: pneumatic

Processed product: egg tray

Automatic or semi-automatic: Semi-automatic

Function: package

Automatic egg tray stacker

The automatic stacker is used to automatically receive the tray after the egg tray is dried, and there is no need to arrange manual repetitive actions. After the automatic stacker is installed, the egg tray production can be fully automated, and the entire egg tray factory can arrange for 4 people to complete the egg tray production.

How about the egg tray production industry

Egg tray production
Egg Tray Production

Egg tray production is an environmentally friendly industry. The production of egg trays is made of paper, which can be applied to paper products such as newspapers, corrugated boxes, and scraps of paper. First, pulp, then egg trays are formed and finally dried and packaged. In the whole egg tray production process, only water is used, and we will set up a water circulation system to reduce water waste. This can be more environmentally friendly.

What machines can Shuliy provide?

Egg tray factory
Egg Tray Factory

We can provide the main equipment for egg tray production, such as an egg tray pulper, egg tray forming machine, dryer, etc. The output of the egg tray is 1000-8000pc/h. Customers can choose the production scale first. In addition, there are fruit tray machines, wine trays, etc. Tray production machine and egg carton production machine. Meet most production needs of customers.

What services can be provided

  • The factory can be designed, and specific planning drawings can be sent to help those who are new to the egg tray industry to plan
  • Details can be sent. Including the egg tray production process, video, and the ratio of water to a pulp during pulping. Guarantee smooth production for customers who purchase machines
  • The test machine is possible. We can help test the machine and send related videos.