Our company has recently exported a lot of fruit tray-making machines. Who would make such an investment? Where are fruit trays used?

Fruit tray-making machines
Fruit Tray-Making Machines

Fruit tray making machine has been popular in recent years, because fruit tray is a product that can be decomposed by itself, without any environmental pollution, in addition, the demand for fruit tray is large and the profit is high. The production of fruit trays only requires the use of waste paper. The raw materials are simple and easy to obtain, and the price is low, so the fruit holder has a large profit margin.

Who would invest in fruit tray-making machines?

Fruit tray
Fruit Tray

1. If your orchard is big and you buy a lot of trays from others, you can buy a fruit tray machine and make trays yourself. On the one hand, it can reduce your cost of purchasing pallets. On the other hand, pallets facilitate transportation and protect your fruit from higher prices. Generally, a small apple tray machine will suffice for your own use.

Apple tray
Apple Tray

2. If you want to make trays for your business, the paper apple tray machine will be a good choice. First of all, the paper tray has a good market prospect because it is environmentally friendly and easy to carry. With the ban on plastic packaging products, the demand for paper pallets will be high. Second, fruit tray machines are not as popular as egg tray or egg carton machines and are a less competitive market.

Fruit tray
Fruit Tray

3. If you have a lot of waste paper to deal with, including old books, newspapers, scraps, old cartons, etc., then you can have a paper tray machine. Compared to paper machines, pulp tray machines are more affordable.