Egg tray production is a new type of environmental protection industry. The price of egg tray production is also very different in the market. What factors affect the cost of egg tray machines?

What are the reasons for the different cost of egg tray machines?

The output of the egg tray machine is different

The egg tray production machine models with an output of 1000pcs/h and an output of 6000pcs/h are different, of course, the price will be different. The higher the output, the higher the price.

The configuration of the egg tray machine is different

The complete egg tray production equipment should include a pulping machine, an egg tray forming machine, an egg tray dryer, an egg tray hot press, and an egg tray packing machine. However, during the drying process, you can choose to dry it in the sun, or You can choose to build a brick kiln for drying and a metal dryer for drying, so the price of the machine will be different for different configurations. The higher the price of the configuration

Shipping conditions affect cost of egg tray machines

The egg tray machine is exported to various countries, and the transportation distance is different, so the transportation cost will also affect the total cost of egg tray machines. Some customers choose to find a freight forwarder for transportation, and some customers choose to let our factory act as an agent for transportation.

The material of the egg tray machine affects cost of egg tray machines

In addition to the material of the machine frame, the material of the forming mold of the egg tray machine and the egg tray transfer mold is also different. If you choose a plastic mold, the price is cheap. If you choose a metal aluminum mold, the price is high. Of course, metal aluminum is more durable. You can also choose to change the tube plastic mold regularly. For details, please contact us.

How to start an egg tray business?

If you have a chicken farm, you might have this idea. How to start an egg tray production business? If you are in the paper recycling business, you may and will want to process some products from this paper.These are good starts.

Learn the egg tray production process

First of all, you need to know the approximate production process of the egg tray. You can consult our egg tray factory, watch some egg tray machine production videos, or visit some egg tray production factories.

Suitable raw materials for egg tray production

Materials of egg tray production
materials of egg tray production

What material is used to make egg trays? The main raw material is waste paper. The waste paper includes waste cardboard boxes, A4 paper, newspapers, and impurities, and mixed waste paper can also be used.

Have a factory for producing egg trays

Egg tray factory diagram designed for customers
Egg tray factory diagram designed for customers

A certain area is required to place the egg tray machine equipment, and the specific area required is related to the output of the egg tray. Our designers will provide customers with machine placement design drawings, if you want to start a business, you can contact us.

Buy egg tray production equipment

Egg tray production machines are important, and a high-quality egg tray production line can help fully automatic production and make production more efficient.

Have a good market

You can investigate the local demand for egg trays. It is best if you can find long-term customers.