There are many customers who have the idea of buying an egg tray machine, but they don’t know how to identify the quality of the egg tray machine for many egg tray machines on the market. The following are the characteristics of a high-quality egg tray machine, It can be used as a reference for purchasing egg tray equipment.

High-quality egg tray
High-Quality Egg Tray

Features of high-quality egg tray machine

1. An high-quality egg tray machine must have a stable and sturdy structure, the internal parts of the egg tray machine must be perfectly matched, and the error should not exceed 0.1 mm. Only such an egg tray machine can guarantee the egg tray produced during long-term operation, is still up to standard.

Egg tray machine factory
Egg Tray Machine Factory

2. The egg tray production equipment should be used together. For example, if the 2000pc/h egg tray forming machine and the 1000pc/h egg tray dryer are used together, the produced egg tray will not be able to be dried immediately. Therefore, when purchasing equipment, we must pay attention to the output of egg tray production.

Egg tray machine
Egg Tray Machine

3. The surface of the egg tray machine is sprayed with an anti-corrosion layer to reduce the phenomenon of paint peeling and corrosion on the surface of the egg tray machine due to long-term use! In this way, even if the egg tray machine has been used for a year and a half, the body’s surface is still as bright as new!

Sturdy egg tray
Sturdy Egg Tray

4. The solution efficiency of after-sales work is also a significant factor. The speed of solving problems can not delay the production progress, and the speed of solving after-sales problems is slow and delaying the production efficiency.