The quail egg tray machine is a device for making quail egg trays. The raw material for making quail egg trays is waste paper. This machine has no pollution in the production process and is an environmentally friendly industry supported by many countries and governments.

The quail egg tray and egg box production line can also produce egg trays, fruit trays, disposable urinals, wine trays, and precision instrument packaging boxes.

Waste paper processing for different packaging products
Waste paper processing for different packaging products

Video of paper egg tray machine

egg carton production video

Quail egg tray production process

The main process of quail egg tray production is waste paper crushing→homogenization→forming→drying→packing. There are three methods of egg tray drying: natural drying, brick kiln drying, and metal dryer drying. The quail egg carton machines you need to use include pulpers, quail egg tray machines, egg tray dryers, and egg tray packaging machines

Quail egg tray production process
Quail egg tray production process

Parameter of quail egg carton making machine

  • Model: Sl-4×4
  • Output: 3000pcs/h
  • Power: 45kw
  • Paper consumption: 240kg/h
  • Water consumption: 480kg/h
  • Drying method: Brick kiln drying or metal dryer

The above are the parameters of the machine with the production capacity of 300 quail egg trays per hour. If you want to know the parameters of other production capacities of the quail egg tray machine, please contact us through the pop-up window in the lower right corner.

How to customize the quail egg tray production line?

If you need a quail egg tray and quail egg carton production line, then you need to decide what capacity you want to produce. The output we can handle is 1000pcs/h-6000pcs/h. Also, you need to provide the size of the quail egg tray you want. Then we can customize the mold according to the data you provide.

Raw materials for the production of quail egg trays

What are the raw materials for the production of quail egg trays? The quail egg tray machine uses waste paper and also needs water. The price of waste paper is relatively low, which will control the cost of producing quail egg trays, and the water in the production process can be recycled.

Is the same machine used to produce quail egg trays and quail egg boxes?

The same machine is used to produce egg trays and egg boxes, but different molds are used. The machine needs to be configured for different products and different product molds. Product molds are also divided into different materials, egg tray molds have plastic molds and aluminum molds. Aluminum molds are of better quality, but the price is inevitably relatively high. For details, please contact us, and we will send some more detailed information.

Quail egg tray and box
Quail Egg Tray And Box

The difference between a quail egg tray machine and an egg tray machine

The raw materials and process of production of the quail egg tray machine and egg tray machine are the same, but the mold for producing the quail egg tray needs to be customized. Others are the same.