Pulp egg trays actually belong to one of the types of egg trays. Generally speaking, there are many types of egg trays. Pulp egg trays are just one of them. In addition to paper egg trays, there are also plastic egg trays. In addition to paper egg trays, paper products are also emerging in other industries, such as paper coffee bar cups and even paper straws. At present, most paper packaging has replaced plastic box packaging.

Egg caron
Egg Carton

What plastic products are gradually withdrawing from the market?

Pulp egg carton
Pulp Egg Carton

One is that this kind of plastic product may be more beautiful in appearance than paper products, but in fact, this kind of plastic material is very harmful to the environment, interferes with our living home, and is listed as “white pollution” by the country!

Compared with plastic packaging, the second paper packaging is not only environmentally friendly and durable but also has a lower cost and can be recycled! Realize the maximum utilization value of the material itself! Two advantages directly make paper egg trays more and more popular. A pulp egg tray is actually a kind of paper packaging. It also inherits all the advantages of paper packaging, is environmentally friendly and durable, and at the same time, the recycling cost is low, so it can be said to be high quality and low price!

The development trend of pulp egg trays

With the advancement of technology, paper egg trays are getting better and better, not only in terms of quality but also a lot of research has been done on the appearance of egg trays. The egg tray-shape correction machine is designed, can ensure the surface of the egg tray is smooth and beautiful.